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Immigrate To Canada

Immigration in Canada

Canada is a country composed of immigrants who have migrated from every country in the world to Canada. Canada’s success is largely due to the contributions made by the new immigrants. Every year, thousands of new immigrants come in search of a better life for their families and themselves. Canada Immigration is a means to achieve their goals and dreams to live in a new country.

The United Nations has consistently ranked Canada as one of the best places to live in the World. The diversified backgrounds and cultures are what make Canada unique. Canada is one of the world’s best immigration destinations for new arrivals coming under the Canada immigration system every year. Immigrating to Canada is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue to make a new life in Canada.

IIEC is a leading Immigration Consultants and specialist in visa processing in Chennai who have been providing Immigration services for Canada to many people every year from different parts of the country. As an Immigration Consultant IIEC offers the clients full range of immigration services that suits the requirement towards obtaining their visas for Canada.

Canada approves over 320000 skilled migration visas every year. The reduced thresh-hold means that more people can move to Canada under the skilled worker immigration program. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a significant step for those who pursue their dreams. The Canada immigration visa section of our website has been created to help you to with seeking to live and work in Canada.

Canadian immigration lawyers can play an important role in obtaining your Canadian visa and starting a new life. According to Canada Immigration Law, “Permanent Residents” are individuals who intend to reside in Canada on a permanent basis.

Permanent residents of Canada have the right to live, study and work in Canada for as long as they maintain their Canada Permanent Resident status and after meeting the requirement of stay are eligible to apply for Citizenship.

Regardless of where the applicants come from, once they have a permanent resident (landed immigrant), they have all the rights of a Canadian citizen. These rights are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Should you wish to become a citizen, you can do so after living in Canada for three years. As a Canadian citizen, you can apply for a Canadian passport and you are eligible to vote.

The Canadian immigration system offers a variety of entry paths. People with in-demand qualifications and proficiency in English or French are eligible for Canadian immigration visa as skilled workers.
There are special rules to enable software specialists and business immigrants to come under the Canada immigration system. Immigration to Canada is possible also for family members of people already established in the country.

There are different categories of visa that one can apply to enter Canada legally as an individual or family.

  •  Skilled Worker Category or Independent Class.
  •  Canada Employer Sponsored visa.
  •  Canada Provincial Nominee Program.
  •  Family & Dependents.
  •  Temporary Residence Visa.
  •  Employment Visa.
  •  Canada Student Visa.
  •  Canada Business Immigration.
  •  Investor Visa.


Nearly 40 percent of the annual immigration to Canada is under the family reunion and refugee programs.

Applicants who aren’t eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker category may qualify under another category, such as the Provincial Nominee Program, or as Temporary Foreign Workers, which could then put them on a path to permanent residency through the new Canadian Experience Class. There are many ways to immigrate to Canada.

If you are interested in migrating to Canada, please fill out the Assessment form which is found in our website and we will assess your eligibility and advise you how to proceed further.

We work with Member of Law Society of Upper Canada and Canadian Bar Association (Immigration section) (CPTLS). We also deal with member of organization of Professional Immigration Consultants, Canada (OPIC) and strive to achieve the highest possible standards of professional service and success rate on every application that we lodge with the Immigration department.

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