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Study in Malaysia


In this peaceful, plural and modern society, Malaysia, located in South East Asia, is a testimony to the world of what it is able to offer academically, socially, ethnically, culturally and in every other aspect of life to make the stay of any international student worth their time, money and effort. It is a fascinating and enchanting nation.

The strategic location of Malaysia makes the country an ideal base for students to travel and explore neighbouring countries (at cheap air rates). Malaysia can also be easily accessed by flight or other alternative transportations at a minimal cost.

The country is also a food haven and presents a colourful feast to locals and visitors with its display of culinary delights of different cultural traits and traditions, living up to its name as the one-stop window to Asia – portraying the true essence of Asia.

With 20 publicly funded universities and at least a further 20 privately funded education providers offering masters or PhD programs, the range of choice is unparalleled. The larger universities, such as UniversitiSains Malaysia, located in Penang and specializing in science, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, focusing on technology and related disciplines in Selangor, and the Universiti Malaya, located in the capital Kuala Lumpur, all offer a high level of teaching and research in addition to the complete range of amenities one would expect of a university anywhere in the world.


The IT Nation report cites Malaysia’s economic stability, its diverse language skills and the investment the government has made, in the Multimedia Super Corridor and Cyberjaya, to establish the country as a regional IT hub, as key reasons for its top position.
Excellent and Innovative Teaching
  •  Emphasizes on understanding and applying of principles
  • Students accepted by renowned universities Innovative programs
  • Pioneered twinning and matriculation programs in Bangladesh
  • The first private institution to offer psychology
100% credit transfer to our consortium of partner universities which we have articulation with, The College will obtain the Letter of Admission to these universities for the students. Multiple and flexible pathways to different renowned universities in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Excellent library resources and academic support Small Community – you are essentially a family member, individually remembered by name Friendly Atmosphere and Personal Attention: students get personal attention from our academic as well as administrative staff to assist them in their educational journey. Small and interactive classes Great career prospects 100% visa success rate for students with sufficient finance, The college provides visa application support service to the students.
International Degree Qualifications at Cheaper Tuition Fees
Malaysia is acknowledged as one of the pioneers in this region in the development of transnational educational programmes. Unique collaborative degree programmes such as twinning degrees (for example: 2 years in Malaysia and 1 year in overseas host university) and 3+0 international degrees (where the entire foreign university degree programme is taught in Malaysia) are offered to local and international students at cheaper tuition fees based on the Malaysian Ringgit as compared to the more expensive currencies from countries like the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.
Twinning Degree Programme
Malaysia is well-known for its undergraduate ‘2+1’ twinning degree programme which is offered at an affordable cost. The Twinning Degree arrangement with reputable international universities from overseas countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, France as well as Germany is the hall-mark of ‘Study in Malaysia’ which has helped many local and international students studying in Malaysia save substantial cost in their pursuit for internationally recognised Bachelor’s degree programmes in the last 2 decades.
3 + 0′ Bachelor’s Degree from Foreign Leading Universities
Many Malaysian private institutions of higher learning have gained confidence and trust from universities in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and United States to allow these local private educational institutions to offer complete foreign university degree programmes (from the partner universities) in Malaysia. The qualification from these programmes will be awarded by the partner universities. Therefore, these quality-assured foreign degree qualifications (3+0) can be acquired at much reduced education cost in Malaysia. A 3+0 programme is an extension of a twinning programme. The 3+0 programme allows students to complete the entire foreign degree programme right here in Malaysia, and still be conferred with a degree from the partner university overseas.


There are some additional material benefits to pursuing a masters or PhD program in a Malaysian institution as well. The level of tuition fees international graduate students currently pay is a fraction of those at equivalent universities in Australia, the UK and the USA. Ranging between US$3,000 and US$7,000, depending on the institution and the program of study, Malaysian graduate degrees represent great value for money , an issue further highlighted when one factors in the reduced cost of living in the country.

ForeignUniversity Branch Campuses in Malaysia

Since 1998, 5 international reputable universities have set up their branch campuses in Malaysia and offered their own courses to students (both local and international) in order that these students can acquire identical university qualifications at a lower education cost in Malaysia. For example, the tuition fee of a 3-year UK Engineering Degree is priced at about USD24,500.



Low Living Cost

The cost of living for international students to study in Malaysia could be as low as RM10,000 which is approximately US$2,632 per annum (the cost of living in the city is about 10% higher). As such, the low living cost besides the cheaper tuition fee would appeal to both international and local students in terms of great savings of living expenses while studying in Malaysia

The average Malaysian spends around 150 euros every month on food. Eating out is very affordable although there are also high-class restaurants which are rather expensive. Curry, noodles, stew and dried fish are just some of the common delicacies eaten by the average family in Malaysia. These meals could cost only around 2 euros but if homemade and ingredients are bought from local markets, overall price could go down to less than one Euro per dish depending on the meat or fish. Tea and milk are common beverages and are also very affordable.

Quality of Education

Being recognised as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, one of the success factors is the ability of the higher educational institutions to provide professional, career-focused education. The institutions here work closely with leading companies, industry professionals and foreign partner universities to ensure that the courses offered are up-to-date and market relevant so as to enhance the employability of their graduates.

Politically Sound and Geographically Safe Country

Malaysia is a politically and socially secure country that is governed by a stable government with safety measures incorporated in the laws of the country. It is also free from racial and religious mishaps. The tropical climate is warm and humid throughout the year without any drastic weather changes. Malaysia is also geographically safe from major natural disasters as it is located in a natural catastrophe-free zone.
As such, from the political, geographical, social and economical point, Malaysia is a very suitable place for students, especially international students to study and live in.