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Visa Refusal

Why does an application get refused?

Visa applications are normally declined due to the following reasons:

  • Unsatisfactory answers to the questions asked in the application or during the visa interview.
  • Insufficient funds to support your trip, study and business.
  • Applicant has committed fraud or misrepresentation in his or her application.
  • Has criminal charges pending.
  • Applicant is considered to be a threat to the national security.
  • Cannot prove to have strong ties to their current country of residence.
  • Intends to reside or work permanently in the country she/he will visit though not applying for an immigrant or work visa. Does not have a legitimate reason for the journey.
  • Has no visible means of sustenance.
  • Does not have a good moral character.
  • Had their previous visa application(s) rejected and cannot prove that the reasons for the previous denials no longer exist or are not applicable any more.
  • Has a communicable disease, such as tuberculosis.
  • Has previous visa and immigration violations.

Didn’t use a previously issued visa at all without a valid reason
(e.g., a trip cancellation due to a family emergency)

At IIEC we are very professional and always work with the best interests to our clients at heart.

We believe in providing accurate guidance.

It’s always better to speak with our expert and experienced councilors before re applying. Merely re-applying several times is not a guarantee for success and it only impacts your future applications adversely.

We are Specialize in Visa refusal cases and appeals.

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